How to Get Free Chips in WSOP Full House Pro


WSOP Full House Pro is a popular online poker game that offers players the chance to compete against others from around the world. In order to progress in the game and play at higher stakes tables, players need to accumulate chips. While purchasing chips is an option, there are also ways to get free chips in WSOP Full House Pro.

1. Daily Bonus: The game provides a daily bonus to players. By simply logging in and playing the game every day, players can receive free chips as part of the bonus.

2. Hourly Bonus: In addition to the daily bonus, WSOP Full House Pro also offers an hourly bonus. By checking in regularly and claiming the bonus, players can earn extra chips.

3. Missions and Achievements: The game features various missions and achievements that players can complete. By successfully finishing these missions or reaching certain milestones, players can be rewarded with free chips.

4. Facebook Rewards: Players can link their Facebook accounts to the game and receive additional chip rewards. Connecting with friends and inviting them to play can also result in extra chips.

5. Tournaments and Events: Participating in tournaments and events within the game can grant players the chance to win free chips as prizes. Keep an eye out for special events or holiday promotions that offer even more opportunities for free chips.

6. Invite Friends: Inviting friends to join and play WSOP Full House Pro can earn players referral rewards, which often include free chips.

7. Watch Videos and Advertisements: Some versions of the game offer the option to watch videos or advertisements in exchange for free chips. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help boost your chip count.

Remember, while these methods can give you free chips, they are not guaranteed to make you a winning player. It’s important to use your chips wisely and practice good poker strategy to maximize your chances of success in WSOP Full House Pro. Enjoy the game and good luck at the tables!

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