Fishing God

Fishing God

Although betting on slot machines is fun, Spadegaming provides a new way to bet your money and win prizes in fun ways. "Fishing God" is one of the unique options provided by game providers, and is definitely a new way to improve game balance.

This is an arcade game that allows you to go deep into the ocean and test your fishing skills. You can target all kinds of fish and marine life, and if you manage to catch them, they will provide you with rich returns. As there are several special fish, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy more bonuses.

One of the most interesting things about the fishing god is that you will be able to shoot different creatures, each of which offers different benefits. Of course, smaller fish are easier to catch, but it also reduces a lot of costs. When you load the game, you will be able to see a pay table with payouts for each fish and creature that can be caught in the game.

The pay range for regular fish you can catch while playing this game is 2 times to 50 times. There are also some fish that can bring you higher income. Odds range from 30 times to 70 times, but some may be as high as 200 times your bet amount. If you find Golden Dragon, you may pay the highest bet. Golden Dragon odds may be 60 to 888 times the original bet.

Remember, the amount you will get depends on the amount you spend on the bullet, which is the amount you bet. Although fish with higher expenditures are more difficult to catch, it is definitely worth choosing larger fish because they will bring you more fruitful results.1.jpg - 159.44 kB2.jpg - 214.27 kB