Fa Fa Fa

Fa Fa Fa

Spade Gaming's game library contains many games with complex graphics, but Fa Fa Fa does not. But this does not mean that the video slot will be more eye-catching, but it provides a simplified and refined appearance.

"FaFaFa" is a much smaller game than other games, with only two rows of three wheels. It creates a very realistic effect based on the colors and symbols of Traditional Chinese.

There is only one symbol design on the reels, but matching is not easy! There are three different colors, and to get the best prize, you need to match the same colors together. There is also a central payline, and these symbols do not always pass through the middle. For such a small game, winning can be tricky!

The symbols themselves are multi-faceted, shining like precious gems. Although at first glance this game is not as complicated as other games, it is clear that the developer's attention to detail is always the same!

The background color is dark red, which is a very auspicious hue in Chinese culture, so I hope it can also bring you good luck! Just for the ultimate prosperity, a large number of fortune cookies burst out on the reels, making the game truly colorful.

When you are ready to spin the reels, don't forget to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the paytable and betting levels.

Unlike other games, the paytable is located on the main screen to the left of the reels, so if you want to refresh the memory while playing games, this is really convenient.

As mentioned above, the system is simple and effective, and thanks to its unique color, you can easily distinguish the object to be landed at a glance.

The yellow and red symbols are at the top. Depending on your betting level, you will win between 100 and 400 three points on the matching payline. Next is the blue symbol, payouts are 50 and 150, and the green symbol is 25 to 75. You put a mix of three different symbols on a payline, which is much harder than it sounds! – You will grab 5 to 15.

As mentioned above, Fafafa only uses a fixed central payline to play games. However, you can change the value of the coins and you can also decide how many coins you want to play in each row. The minimum value is 0.10 and the maximum value is 20.00. You can spend 1-3 coins on a payline. The paytable has three columns, depending on whether you bet one, two or three coins online, showing the amount of your winnings.1.png - 857.13 kB2.png - 313.27 kB3.png - 842.95 kB