Call Of The Valkyires

Call Of The Valkyires

Valkyrie turns warrior-like symbols into wilderness in the "Valkyrie" function and "Goddess Parade" bonus game. At the same time, the extra round of the interactive "Valkyria Summon" will take you to the northern battlefield, where you will try to resurrect fallen heroes and defeat demons to make them lucky!

If you are a fan of Norse mythology, then "The Call of the Valkyrie" will immediately become your favorite. Located in the snowy mountains, this 5-reel, 25-payline slot will attract you, with warrior-like symbols on the slot, including axes, helmets and shields-not to mention Thor's hammer.

The corner is a symbol of the highest salary in a slot machine. When you put five corners on a payline, you will get 20 times the original principal.

There are 3 exciting bonus features, the first of which can be activated randomly, even if the spin fails. Touch of Valkyrie converts all warrior-themed symbols into wilderness to create instant winning combos.

When you lock the wild Valkyrie symbol on the first and fifth reels, the Valkyrie March bonus game will be triggered. At that time, the wilderness will turn all warrior-themed symbols into frozen wilderness. When you spin, the frozen wild transformed by two wild Valkyries will immediately bring you a double win rate!

Finally, when you place the "bonus" symbol on the first, third and fifth reels, the call function of the Valkyrie will be unlocked. Here, choose my bonus game to enter Valhalla's Gate and get a win-win multiplier.

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